Welcome to Mariano Steimberg┬┤s video library!

Here you will be able to check some of my official video releases!

These are some of the official video clips, performances and studio sessions that I collaborated in.


I have been playing with Viktorija since 2012. She is an amazing singer and composer. My other mates in the band, Ales Cesarini (upright bass) and Alberto Palau (piano), are two of the most talented, hard workers and best friends you could find.

Perico Sambeat is recognised for being one of the top saxophone players in Europe. He has played with the most well recognised international musicians. We are lucky that he lives in Valencia. He has collaborated in Viktorija┬┤s records, as well as in live concerts with the band.


I met Victor Jimenez when he was barely 20 years old (maybe even before). He is one of the most talented alto saxophonists in Spain. We have shared many of his projects. This one is our presentation and live recording at the Valencia Jazz Festival in 2019. Playing the music of YellowJackets is a big challenge. And this is one of my favourite songs ever!

I was lucky to meet Brail Watson in 2017. He came to study at Berklee Valencia and became my student in a Groove Ensemble I was leading. He raps, sings, composes, plays Cello, piano… you name it. An amazing human being and a great soul! Here we had a great opportunity to work with the great visiting artist Patrice Rushen.

This is Viktorija Pilatovic┬┤s Confusion official video. I love it!

More of my groove Ensemble. This was another year. I had the chance to work with a great team on this one and I decided to cover Come on, come over, one of Jaco Pastorius┬┤s most funky tunes!

This is the official video for the song Rising Sun, of Viktorija Pilatovic. In this composition I decided to use my hand and a brush, to imitate a little bit the flamenco influences of the song.

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