Dates and Events

Do you like live music? Are you an art lover?

Something has changed in the last five months. Due to Covid a lot of companies had to readjust or close. For us, artists, this was a chance to stay inside, compose, create and practice. Those were the positive sides of this new normality. What does not feel right is that live music dates and events has been treated as one of the worst focuses for infection. And that is not right. Most of the artist I know, included myself, have seen our agendas change completely. From playing more than a hundred gigs a year, we will not be able to play more than 30 this year if we are lucky.

That reduces our income drastically. And not only that! It creates a gap between the audience and our art. Media is helping to create fear of exposure. But a lot of our remaining gigs are either outdoors, or in supervised conditions indoor. This reduces the amount of audience. But still allows you to come to fulfil your need to see live music and art in safe conditions.

So please, if you have a chance to support artists, do it. If you miss live art as we do, go out. Wear a mask, clean your hands and keep the needed distance. But don’t be fearful. We need art. And art needs us.

These are my next gigs and important events.

October 9th – Dolc Tab, Jesus Pobre. 7pm / Free entrance

October 30th – Dolc Tab, Benidorm / Free entrance

November 13th – Viktorija Pilatovic Quartet, Rojales