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Mariano Steimberg heard this: “I do not know anything about music, but when I listen to you I just feel something. And that, I am not sure what it is.”

This is a compliment I received many times. And that is the reason why I play music. Very simple, I play to feel joy. That is the place from where I play. This is my answer to what you feel when you connect with things. This is the magic of music; it allows us to go inside.

Through music I can reach to you. Through acceptance, trust, and respect, audience open your hearts to musicians.

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In these uncertain moments of COVID-19 pandemic, all gigs and tours for Mariano Steimberg and many artists got cancelled back in March. Little by little, the governments in Europe and Spain started allowing live culture again, and I am happy to go back to the stage. Some of the allowed concerts are happening outdoors. This way, people can enjoy without taking any risks. The indoor concerts are being carefully planned. People don’t have to stay close to each other. All the safety measures are being taken to ensure we can do this without any exposure.

The artists need the audience. And audience need Art. All of us together will go through this and hopefully we will go back to normal.

At these moments of introspection, I took the time to keep learning and practice drums, percussion and guitar. I have also been teaching remotely at Berklee College of Music.

I am recording drums and percussion from Steimberg Studios, my home studio for different projects.

Now opening slots for online drum lessons ! If you are interested please contact me.

Offering Face-to-Face lessons for people located in the Valencia community in Spain. Contact me if you want to stat now!